A sorry tale of bad logistics and even worse service

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ups_logoI don’t ever recall being as angry as I am now with a faceless company. My rant is against UPS and such appalling service that I felt it only fair that I shared it with as many as I could.

In October, I arranged to send six boxes of print work from London to my office in New York. A very straightforward job you would think. I called them up and asked for an estimate, telling them that the contents had a reprint value of £600. I paid up and the UPS van arrived as requested (thank you) and took my precious cartons off on their journey to New York. A week later, which seemed rather a long time, five boxes arrived, incredibly badly damaged by what looked like a Stanley knife cutting them. As the contents were folders they were so crushed and bent that we were unable to use them. The sixth box arrived even more damaged a few days later. Photographs were taken and a complaint raised to UPS, who came by the office and collected the broken six boxes.

A couple of weeks went by and, unknown to any of us, UPS sent an email to somebody who had no connection with us whatsoever. Four weeks later, UPS returned the six broken boxes and what contents were still in them to the office and said that it was down to the sender to make any complaint. As I was the sender, I promptly called them and went through various menus in order to get to talk to a real person. The first person told me that the complaint had been resolved and they would send me an email within 90 minutes. Two hours later I call again, I go through the telephone menus again and end up with a second person who had to hear the sorry tale all over again. This time she thought I should talk to the warehouse and cut me off. I called back yet again, knew the shortcuts on the telephone menu so saved a few minutes and spoke to yet another young lady, recounted the whole tale yet again and enquired where the promised email was. About an hour later, I find out that not only was I not going to receive the promised email, UPS had no means of forwarding an email to me. I did find out that they had sent an email to a Jessica Woods on the 6th November. Nobody knows a Jessica Woods and since the office consists of three people in New York and me in London, it’s not as though she could be lost in a large company. UPS later told me that this mysterious person actually worked for them and not us and to forget her name!

This sorry tale gets even worse as I received a copy of my invoice from them to find that, owing to an ‘input error’, they had only covered the value of the consignment to £6 instead of £600. They will not reimburse us, they will not admit to any liability for damaging the boxes and even had the gall to suggest that the office mailroom could have damaged the boxes when it was their own man who delivered them direct to the office.  Fortunately the signatures backed this up but UPS will still not accept any responsibility. They now tell me, just before Christmas Eve, that the boxes had to have at least 2 inches of cushioning and the contents to be placed at least 2 inches away from the walls of the boxes. As this was not the case they are unable to refund us any amount. In a past life, I moved thousands of catalogues world wide and never received any such instructions. Whose neck can I wring?

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