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Tara / damesnet

Tara / damesnet


… to have fun. So every month we bring you reviews of books, plays, exhibitions and places that have caught our imaginations, and, more importantly, have had an impact on us. We hope you get the same level of enjoyment but if not, why don’t you send us your own suggestions? We would love to know what makes you tick.

The content isn’t just about dames, but includes the themes that influence our lives. This could be a book about surgery, or articles about why companies with more than 30% of women on their board are 42% more successful than their competitors.

And another thing . . .

There are lots of dames out there doing intriguing work, so if you like damesnet, you’ll like these sites:

http://invisiblewomen.org.uk/ campaigns to redress the gender imbalance in public monuments in the UK
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiProject_Women_in_Red is working to improve the ratio of female to male biographies on Wikipedia
https://mslexia.co.uk/ promotes women writers
http://www.graingerburnside.co.uk/ animations on social issues
http://www.saffronrecords.co.uk/ a female youth record label that supports 16-24 year olds to gain access to music


If you know of any other Sites of Special Sisterly Interest (SSSIs), please post your suggestions in the box below, and we’ll add the link.


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